Feature in Future Farmer Magazine

We were pleased to recently be selected to take part in the Plug and Play AgTech Accelerator, and it was a great opportunity to explore the North American market, look at how our innovative mycorrhizae could be of benefit, find out how growers their perceive new AgTech innovations, and make some great connections.

During the program, we were delighted to be featured in a special edition of Future Farmers Magazine. Take a look at page number 52 (54 on the page slider) to find out more about us, how we got started, and how the accelerator was of benefit to us: https://issuu.com/fmspotlight/docs/ff_novdec20_1

“…with our strong scientific foundation, we knew that we could harness some of the more complex parts of the biology of the microbes to allow them to be able to be used in an entirely new way – customising them to pair with specific crops to give reliable and consistent performance and tailoring them to improve specific traits of plant growth to solve the most important production problem in each one.”