Nourishing Britain’s plants with mycorrhizal fungi

Mycorrhizal fungi nourish Britains strawberry plants

Take a look at this feature in the Fresh Produce Journal to learn about how MycoNourish takes advantage of our strong foundation in scientific research to use mycorrhizal fungi in exciting new ways.

Although we work with the same organism as other companies, our advanced approach allows us to tap into the more complex parts of the biology of mycorrhizal fungi. This gives us the ability to create highly targeted and reliable solutions, which focus on improving specific traits of plant growth and crop production – improving margins for growers, and increasing sustainability.

“MycoNourish is not just focusing on nutrient uptake though, and has promised to look at the “more interesting and unusual” capabilities of mycorrhizal fungi in strawberries and tomatoes, which are already grown in ideal conditions. That includes their ability to switch genes on and off, alter the plant’s defensive ability and improve pollination and reproductivity.”