MycoNourish™ harnesses the power of beneficial microbes known as ‘arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi’ to improve crop production.

Our microbes are completely natural fungi that live underground. Working in symbiosis with plants, they act as a secondary root system, increasing plant health and improving the quantity and quality of crop yields.

These fungi are a natural part of crop production systems, forming relationships with most crops, and are present in the majority of production systems. However, the mycorrhizal fungi that are already present in these systems have unpredictable positive or negative effects on plant health.

Our product customises these interactions to suit your production systems, giving the best possible benefit to plants, and providing a reliable, sustainable means of improving yields and increasing sustainability.

Want to know if MycoNourish™ can help to improve your production? Feel free to contact us with any questions, or if you would like to have your roots tested.