MassChallenge selects MycoNourish to join global innovator network

MassChallenge Finalist - MycoNourish

MycoNourish was recently selected to participate in the MassChallenge Switzerland 2021 accelerator program. MycoNourish was selected from over 1,000 other startups to apply for the accelerator based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Dr Peter Orrell, founder of MycoNourish said: “We are delighted to be selected for the MassChallenge Sustainable Food Systems acceleration program. MassChallenge Switzerland has a great track record in supporting startups from across the globe to grow their business. Our company has had a fantastic start, we’ve made lots of progress, and the program will help accelerate our journey to the next level. Being able to connect and form relationships with corporate industrial partners could prove to be instrumental for us in the future, and we look forward to tapping into the expertise provided by the pool of mentors. The additional benefits of workshops, connections to investors, and the potential of prizes will all aid in driving MycoNourish forwards at an exciting pace.”

Since 2016 MassChallenge Switzerland has been a leader in helping startups across Europe and beyond to grow their businesses. To date, 396 MassChallenge Switzerland alumni have raised more than $318M in funding and created value for both economies and societies around the world.

MycoNourish is an innovative biotechnology company, focusing on their ground-breaking technology which allows them to sustainably improve agricultural crop production with beneficial fungi. These fungi, known as ‘mycorrhizae’ act as a secondary root system for plants, and have the potential to help boost crop yields. Unlike other mycorrhizal products, which provide ‘one size fits all’ solutions, MycoNourish uses groundbreaking science to customise new advanced strains of these fungi to pair with specific crops, and tailor them to solve the most important problem in each one. This allows the MycoNourish team to take a ‘personalised medicine’ approach, tapping into their strong scientific foundation to develop bespoke solutions for each crop.

Sustainable technologies to improve crop production are becoming increasingly important. In high-value crops, such as strawberry, an average of 10% of the fruit produced doesn’t meet the standards required to be sent to retail. This leads to a significant amount of food waste, and in Europe, farmers lose €143B to this problem each year. The technology developed by the team at MycoNourish will not only help to improve profits for growers, but will also help to reduce food wastage and sustainably improve food security.


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About MycoNourish

MycoNourish is an ambitious new biotechnology spin-out company established in 2018 with technology developed at the world-leading James Hutton Institute and its commercial subsidiary, James Hutton Limited. MycoNourish harnesses the power of microbes to enhance crop production and add value for growers, by customising beneficial fungi to suit specific crops and tailoring them to solve the most important production problem in each one. They use advanced scientific techniques and cutting edge technology to reliably and consistently produce stronger, more productive plants.

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