“The pioneering Scottish farming method that uses fungi for crops” – Scotland Means Business feature in The National

We were really pleased to be interviewed for the Scotland Means Business feature in The National: “MycoNourish uses this pioneering farming method on crops”. Check it out in the link below:


“There are millions of different microbes in the world – some are good and some are bad – and they can have an impact on how crops grow. Many of these are found in soil. We specialise in “mycorrhizal fungi”, which act as a secondary root system for plants. The products out there at the moment are often one size fits all solutions, which have unpredictable effects on crops – they can either help plants or drain them of energy. We have developed a way of customising microbial strains, which allows us to tailor them for specific crops and target a range of plant growth traits. It gives consistent results and is reliable.

Most existing products are a blend of several mycorrhizal fungi, which means their effect on crops are less predictable and vary in performance from one year to the next. It’s a one size fits all solution. Our products are advanced high-performance strains,

which have been tailored to suit specific crops. We’re taking what already happens in nature and refining the process for the highest benefit.